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eCPM performance in mobile apps Q1 2024 vs Q4 2023

Discover our comprehensive analysis comparing Q1 2024 app performance with Q4 2023 across our app’s network!

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How does the Ad Monetization Manager role look like in 2024?

Despite recently imposed changes in the mobile app monetization industry, Ad Monetization Managers must adapt to them and continuously optimize revenue for the benefit of digital publishers. What actions should professionals in this field prioritize for 2024? Let’s dive in!

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Mobile advertising reports – where to look for eCPMs and other mobile app ad monetization metrics in 2024?

Discover the top four reports and indexes that you should monitor as a mobile app developer who monetizes with ads. Our comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to stay up-to-date!

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How to optimize the bidding ad networks for mobile apps

Find out how not to sell your ad inventory for too low bids – get familiar with optimizing minimum eCPM floors on AppLovin MAX and Unity® LevelPlay mediations.

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Introducing automation of waterfall management within an extensive T-Bull’s game portfolio

Discover how the automation of waterfall management of T-Bull’s extensive mobile game portfolio has increased monetization efficiency.

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User stickiness for mobile apps – how to engage more users

Discover how to keep users coming back to your app, ensuring your product’s success in the competitive mobile landscape.

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