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Bidlogic automates every step of managing eCPM and bidding instances within the most popular mobile ad mediations to increase your apps’ revenue.

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Ad mediation management

Bidlogic automates the optimization of eCPM and bidding instances i.a. through A/B testing, eliminating the need for manual control of your ad mediation. By optimizing both real-time bidding and traditional waterfalls, Bidlogic offers an optimal hybrid monetization solution, maximizing revenue from every ad impression.

Supported mediations:

  • Unity® LevelPlay
  • Applovin MAX

Powerful Algorithms

Our algorithms learn from millions of impressions served every day to adapt to your app’s performance. Bidlogic creates and regularly manages dozens of waterfalls and eCPM bid floors for bidding networks. In practice, this translates to thousands of optimizations performed every week to enhance your app’s revenue.

No coding required

Bidlogic is integrated via ad mediation APIs and there is no additional coding required. All you need to do is link your ad mediation account with our dashboards to get the optimizations running 24/7.


wordwide users per week


ad impressions per month

optAd360 premium ads

Gain additional revenue boost by adding optAd360 to your ad network stack and get access to Google’s premium AdX inventory and other SSPs. optAd360 is a Premier Google Certified Publishing Partner integrated via Google SDK (no additional SDK required) and verified by Google in terms of performance and security.

How it works?




Ad mediation management and A/B testing optimizing the ad revenue.


Premium ad inventory including AdX and dozens of other SSPs.


Time saved on manual
mediation management

up to 50%

Increase in eCPM


Ad imp/mo

Features designed to
skyrocket your revenue

Rev Optimization

Powerful algorithms managing the waterfalls and bidding price floors.


Full management of the waterfall/bidding optimization process.

Fast Integration

No additional SDKs needed. Server side integration via API.


Secure dashboards to protect your data.

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