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Improve the effectiveness of your mobile ad mediation platform – save time on manual eCPM and bidding instances management with the Bidlogic automation solution!

What is Mobile Ad Mediation?

Ad mediation involves managing multiple ad networks through a single SDK (software development kit). This strategy assists publishers in maximizing advertising revenue, fill rates, and operational efficiency of ad inventory. The most popular ad mediation platforms are MAX by AppLovin and Unity LevelPlay. There are two main types of ad mediation: 

  • Waterfall – which once was a leading ad mediation strategy (now around 20 to 60% of ad revenue is derived with the help of this method);
  • In-app bidding (real-time bidding) – which is now gaining popularity.

In-App Bidding vs. Waterfall Monetization

In-app bidding and waterfall aim to generate ad revenue, but they differ significantly in their mechanisms. Waterfall monetization, a more traditional technique, arranges each ad network or ad exchange in a prioritized sequence based on historical performance metrics such as eCPM and fill rates. The process initiates with the highest-ranked network, cascading down the list until an ad is served. In contrast, in-app bidding is a programmatic model representing a more dynamic and equitable approach. Here, multiple demand sources, including ad networks and Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), compete in real-time auctions for each ad impression.

How does Ad Mediation Work? 

Ad mediation platforms, pivotal in the ad landscape, streamline the process of selecting the best ad network or ad exchange for each ad impression. These platforms assess information like fill rate, eCPM, ad format, and user demographic data to ensure the highest revenue potential. They function as an auction house where various ad networks compete to serve ads, leveraging algorithms to determine which network can offer the highest eCPM for each ad impression.

How to Choose the Best Ad Mediation Partner?

Selecting the right ad mediation solution is critical for satisfactory ad revenue and optimized User Experience. Ad mediation platforms serve as intermediaries that help app developers manage multiple ad networks, ensuring high fill rates and eCPMs (effective Cost Per Mille – thousand impressions). Here is a comprehensive guide on choosing the best ad mediation partner for your needs:

  • Evaluate platform compatibility – the first step is to ensure that the ad mediation platform is compatible with your app’s development environment. Whether you are developing for iOS, Android, or cross-platform, the mediation partner should offer robust SDKs and seamless integration. Compatibility also extends to the ad formats they support, such as the most popular ones: Banners, Interstitials, Rewarded Video ads;
  • Network partnerships – a crucial aspect of any ad mediation platform is its partnerships with various ad networks. The more networks a platform supports, the better the chances of filling your ad inventory at competitive rates. Evaluate whether the mediation partner collaborates with major ad networks like Google AdMob and Facebook Audience Network;
  • Reporting – transparency in reporting is essential for understanding your ad performance and revenue generation. The best ad mediation platforms offer detailed, real-time analytics and reporting tools that provide insights into metrics like fill rates, eCPMs, impressions, and user engagement. Look for partners that provide customizable reports and dashboards;
  • Ease of use and integration – the ease of integrating a chosen mediation platform into your app should not be underestimated. An overly complex or cumbersome integration process can delay your monetization efforts. Opt for a partner with a straightforward, well-documented integration and strong customer support to assist you during setup and troubleshooting;
  • Reputation and reviews – research the reputation of potential mediation partners by reading reviews and testimonials from other app developers. Look for partners with a proven track record of reliability, performance, and excellent customer service;
  • Support and resources – adequate support is crucial, especially when dealing with technical issues or optimizing your ad strategy. Choose a partner that offers comprehensive support, including documentation, tutorials, and dedicated account managers who can provide personalized assistance;

Additional features – choosing an ad mediation partner who offers some extra features can significantly enhance your app’s monetization strategy. This includes, among others: ad quality control, meaning tools that filter out low-quality or inappropriate ads, or available Consent Management Platform, so you can be sure that ads displayed in your app are in line with data protection laws and regulation.

Choosing the right ad mediation partner is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your app’s revenue and performance. By considering factors like platform compatibility, network partnerships, reporting tools, transparency, ease of integration, compliance, reputation, support, and additional features, you can find a partner that can assist you in maximizing your ad monetization potential!

Benefits of Mobile Ad Mediation Management Automation

For app publishers, manual management of ad mediation while updating already-developed titles or creating new ones can be a daunting task. This is where the mobile ad mediation platform automation, like Bidlogic, becomes crucial. It helps to adjust the placement of eCPM instances in waterfalls and create or eliminate mediation groups consisting of countries with similar eCPM positions. Additionally, a platform like that can optimize eCPM position for bidding networks per country or group of countries. These optimizations are carried out multiple times a week, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of changes per month in the application. Automating the management of eCPM and bidding instances brings various advantages that can substantially boost your ad revenue and operational efficiency. It can bring numerous benefits, such as:

  • Increased revenue potential – one of the perks of automating ad mediation is the potential for increased revenue. Automated mediation platforms use sophisticated algorithms to analyze historical performance data and market conditions. By doing so, they can dynamically adjust the ranking of ad networks based on real-time eCPM (effective Cost Per Mille) and fill rates. This ensures that the highest-paying ads are served first, maximizing the revenue for each impression;
  • Time and resource efficiency – manual mediation management can be incredibly time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially when managing an extensive portfolio of applications. Automation alleviates this burden by handling the complex mediation process, ensuring that ad inventory is effectively managed and monetized without the need for constant manual intervention;
  • Enhanced data-driven decisions – automated mediation platforms offer publishers in-depth analytics and reporting, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about chosen ad strategy. Publishers can access real-time data on ad performance, including eCPM, fill rates, and user engagement metrics. This data-driven approach allows for continuous optimization, ensuring that ad placements are always aligned with current market trends and performance indicators;
  • Access to a broader range of ad networks – automated mediation platforms typically integrate with a wide array of ad networks, providing publishers with access to a broader range of advertisers. This diversity increases the chances of finding the best match for their ad inventory, ensuring higher eCPMs and better fill rates. It also reduces the dependency on a single ad network, mitigating the risk associated with potential changes in ad network performance or policies.

Mobile ad mediation management automation provides numerous benefits. It is a scalable, efficient, and effective solution for optimizing ad revenue, reducing manual workload, and allowing developers to focus on creating high-quality content. Importantly, Bidlogic can take some weight off your shoulders – we offer the pioneering optimization tool that fully automates the entire process of managing advertising waterfalls and bidding auctions. This includes handling eCPM ad units, setting minimum bid floors, managing mediation groups, and conducting A/B testing.

Bidlogic Integration Process

Our automation ensures that the ad mediation process is continuously optimized, freeing up valuable time for developers to focus on other aspects of app development and User Experience.

The Bidlogic integration process begins with sending your contact details via our website. After that, one of our experts will contact you to assess your applications, strategize the integration process, and grant you access to our dashboards. If your mediation system is already compatible with our tool (which means you are using AppLovin MAX or Unity LevelPlay), no code modifications are needed. You simply connect your mediation system’s API to our dashboard by supplying the required keys and tokens. Following this, your Bidlogic account manager will provide you with a set of eCPM price floors to incorporate with ad networks. Once this is completed, we proceed with the optimization processes.

Optimize Beyond Limits

Many mobile app and game developers have seen substantial improvements in their monetization strategies through Bidlogic’s advanced algorithms and automation features. Our technology not only enhances current revenue streams but also positions publishers for sustained growth and success in the competitive mobile market. One of the standout features of Bidlogic’s automation is the optimization of minimum eCPM floors, a strategy that protects ad impressions from being sold at low prices. This feature, initially popular among web content, has proven highly effective in mobile app monetization as well. Bidlogic’s system allows for the setting of bid floors for specific countries or mediation groups, ensuring that ad impressions are sold only at acceptable price levels. 

Bidlogic’s automation also supports continuous testing and updating of bid floors to ensure optimal pricing without significantly dropping impressions. Bidlogic uses A/B tests for several key reasons, each aimed at ensuring that the optimizations introduced with our technology lead to measurable and significant improvements. A/B testing allows us to create a controlled environment where one version (A) uses the publisher’s existing setup, and the other version (B) incorporates Bidlogic’s optimizations. This direct comparison helps in objectively assessing the impact of our algorithms on performance metrics. By testing these hypotheses in a controlled manner, it is easier to assess whether the proposed changes lead to actual improvements. This dynamic approach adapts to changing market conditions, maximizing ad revenue over time. The automated processes eliminate the need for manual intervention, making it easier for companies to manage large-scale ad operations efficiently. The benefits you will get after starting monetizing your app with us are numerous:

  • We will optimize your revenue thanks to our algorithms that perform multiple optimization rounds each week. We usually obtain a 10% increase in ARPDAU (but we can reach even a 50% improvement);
  • You will save your time and resources thanks to eCPM and bidding instances management automation;
  • We offer access to optAd360 (a Premier Google Certified Publishing Partner) ad demand but also to premium AdX inventory and dozens of SSPs via Google Ad Manager;
  • Bidlogic means easy integration and full support from our monetization experts;
  • We support AppLovin MAX and Unity LevelPlay mediation platforms;
  • After registration, you will get access to the best reporting in our intuitive dashboard.

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