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Bidding vs. Waterfall 

In the past, waterfall dominated the ad-selling industry. However, with the rise of real-time bidding, particularly in mobile apps, the industry has undergone a transformative shift. Unlike the waterfall model, where impressions are sold to the highest bidder in a predetermined sequence, bidding instances enable publishers to compete in real-time auctions, which ultimately means higher prices for them than traditional methods would yield.

In the dynamic realm of app monetization, bidding has emerged in recent years as a crucial strategy for maximizing ad revenue. This trend has accelerated even more since October 31, 2023, when Google shifted its focus to real-time bidding auctions for app monetization. While traditional methods like the waterfall model still hold relevance, accounting in most cases for up to 30% of ad revenue, the app landscape has evolved to offer alternative solutions that enhance bidding, such as our innovative features. The Bidlogic solution undoubtedly stands out in the increasingly competitive arena of mobile ad monetization.

Benefits of In-App Bidding

In-app bidding offers numerous benefits for app publishers, revolutionizing how they monetize their apps by streamlining the ad auction process and maximizing obtained revenue. One of the primary advantages is increased competition among advertisers, which drives up the price of ad impressions. By allowing multiple demand sources to bid simultaneously in real-time, in-app bidding ensures that the highest bidder wins, displaying the most profit-generating ad creation on the user’s mobile device. In-app bidding establishes an impartial and cohesive auction environment where all participants have equal access and opportunities, resulting in positive outcomes for both publishers and advertisers.

Types of Bid Strategies

  • Setting bidding instances manually involves configuring bids by hand, which offers full control over ad inventory and enables quick adjustments based on performance data. This strategy is particularly beneficial for those who prefer a hands-on approach and can dedicate time to the process. Ultimately, manual bidding is ideal for app publishers who value control and are willing to invest the effort to increase their ad revenue;
  • Automated bidding is a strategy that leverages machine learning to optimize bids. It is designed to maximize the efficiency of your ad inventory based on various factors, such as network trends and historical data. To make each real-time mobile bid adjustment possibly the best, automated bidding analyzes vast amounts of data using dedicated algorithms. Automated bidding is also ideal for large-scale publishers who want to maximize their ad revenue without investing extensive time in manual bid management. Some of the most popular platforms that offer automated bidding are Unity LevelPlay (previously known as ironSource LevelPlay) and MAX by AppLovin. It is a good optimization strategy because it saves time and resources by handling every bid adjustment, allowing app developers to focus on development and User Experience. 

Leveraging Bid Floors for Optimization

The optimization of bid floors is crucial in maximizing ad revenue by establishing minimum eCPM thresholds, below which ad inventory will not be sold. Bidlogic’s ad solutions provide powerful features for fine-tuning minimum eCPM floors based on data-driven insights. Through thorough testing and analysis, Bidlogic has proven the effectiveness of setting optimal minimum eCPM floors in increasing the Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU).

Automation For Efficiency

Bidlogic’s recent introduction of automated bid floor optimization tools represents a paradigm shift in ad monetization. By leveraging advanced algorithms, we streamline the bid optimization process, allowing developers to focus on core aspects of app development while maximizing revenue potential. Through continuous monitoring, testing, and adjustment of bid floors, the Bidlogic technology ensures optimal performance across various mediation groups and geographic regions.

Embracing Continuous Improvement

Monetization optimization is not a one-time endeavor but an ongoing process that demands constant refinement and adaptation. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in the Bidlogic technology’s emphasis on A/B testing, data analysis, and algorithmic optimization. Additionally, developers can enhance their revenue by integrating optAd360 into their ad network stack, allowing access to Google’s premium AdX inventory and various other SSPs. As a Premier Google Certified Publishing Partner, optAd360 integrates seamlessly with the Google SDK (no extra SDK required) and meets Google’s standards for performance and security.

Bidlogic – Empowering Mobile Developers

Bidlogic caters to the diverse needs of developers using both AppLovin MAX and Unity LevelPlay platforms. By collaborating with us, you can earn even more thanks to the advanced solution, which sets bid floors tailored to specific countries or regions, ensuring granular control over monetization strategies.

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile app monetization, Bidlogic technology emerges as a game-changer, offering cutting-edge bid optimization solutions tailored to the needs of modern developers. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, automation, and continuous improvement, our solution enables publishers to unlock the full revenue potential of their mobile ad inventory. The developers collaborating with us are equipped with the tools (like a user-friendly, responsive dashboard) and strategies needed to thrive in today’s competitive market. Embrace Bidlogic today and embark on a journey towards unparalleled ad revenue optimization with a full month of free trial – sign up through our contact form! 

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