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The Mobile Gaming Landscape

The mobile gaming industry is thriving, driven by the accessibility and convenience of games that can be enjoyed on the go. Unlike traditional computer games, mobile games do not require pricey devices or significant time commitments, making them an integral part of daily entertainment for millions worldwide. This widespread usage opens up vast opportunities for developers to generate substantial ad revenue.

Mobile games can be broadly categorized into paid and free ones. While paid games offer immediate revenue, they often have limited appeal compared to free options. Free games dominate downloads, pushing developers towards monetization methods that ensure sustained income over time. The most popular game monetization models include in-app purchases (IAPs), in-app advertising, and subscription possibilities.
In-app ads, in particular, have proven to be one of the most effective monetization strategies. They involve integrating various ad formats into the gameplay, such as non-intrusive Banners, Interstitial ads displayed during natural breaks, and Reward ads that offer in-game incentives like additional lives, virtual currency, or premium items. These methods enhance user engagement while generating revenue, creating a win-win situation for developers and players.

Interstitial vs. Rewarded Video

The most frequently used ad formats in mobile games are Rewarded Video (RV) and Interstitial ads. Each has its unique qualities:

  • Rewarded Video ads, which users highly favor, provide in-game rewards such as extra lives or points for watching ads, leading to high engagement and retention. The user-initiated nature of rewarded ads fosters a positive experience, enhancing session duration and reducing churn;
  • Interstitial ads that are full-screen and can be static or interactive capture user attention effectively due to their high visibility. Typically displayed at natural breaks in the game flow, such as between levels, these ads prevent “banner blindness” and drive high engagement, translating to premium ad rates and significant revenue for publishers. However, their intrusive nature can disrupt the User Experience if not strategically placed, potentially deterring users from continuing to use the mobile game. To mitigate this, placing Interstitial ads at expected transition points is crucial to avoid frustrating users.

Rewarded and Interstitial ads are powerful tools for monetizing mobile games, but finding the right balance between them is crucial to maintaining a positive User Experience while maximizing revenue.

Mobile Game Monetization Best Practices

By carefully selecting and implementing the right ad formats, using data to drive decisions, and continuously optimizing games based on user behavior and feedback, developers can create a monetization model that enhances both revenue and user satisfaction. Here are the best practices you can use to stay ahead of the game:

  • Ad format selection – choosing the right ad formats is the first step in developing an effective monetization strategy. Common formats include Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded, and Native ads, each with distinct attributes;
  • Strategic ad placement ensures maximum visibility without disturbing the gameplay. For instance, consider placing Banner ads on menu screens or at the bottom of the game screen, and Interstitial ads during pauses in gameplay. Additionally, offer Rewarded ads at moments when players require additional resources, such as after failing a level;
  • Optimizing bidding and waterfall instances – when discussing bidding, it is important to consider the optimization of minimum eCPM floors, which was once primarily popular for web content but is now increasingly applied to mobile games. This feature is available to users of Bidlogic ad mediation solutions, including AppLovin MAX and Unity® LevelPlay. Despite the significant momentum of bidding technology in ad serving, optimizing waterfall setups remains crucial for maintaining satisfactory ad revenue;
  • Data-driven optimization is crucial for wise and justified decision-making. It includes monitoring and optimization based on key performance metrics like CPM (Cost Per Mille – thousand impressions), IMPDAU (Impressions Per Daily Active User), and ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User);
  • Finding the right balance between monetization and a positive User Experience is vital for retaining players. Excessive ad exposure can lead to frustration and heightened churn;
  • Getting help from a trusted ad monetization partner can help save time and improve ad monetization results. 

Bidlogic’s Comprehensive Monetization Solutions

Bidlogic excels in the mobile game monetization arena by providing a suite of advanced tools and technologies designed to maximize ad revenue without compromising the User Experience. Here’s a closer look at the key features and benefits of Bidlogic’s services:

  • Premium ad inventory: Bidlogic offers access to optAd360 (a Premier Certified Google Publishing Partner) ad demand, which means access to Google’s premium AdX inventory and dozens of Supply-Side Platforms via Google Ad Manager, which are available on MAX and LevelPlay;
  • Revenue-optimizing operations: utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms, Bidlogic optimizes your ad revenue. We aim for a 10% raise in ARPDAU (even up to a 50% growth); 
  • Automated waterfall management: after launching the optimization process, Bidlogic’s system automatically manages waterfalls, adjusting them based on real-time performance data;
  • Most important ad formats: Bidlogic supports the most common ad types, including Interstitial, Banner, and Rewarded Video ad formats;
  • Seamless integration process: the integration process with Bidlogic is straightforward and hassle-free;
  • Support for major mediation platforms: Bidlogic currently supports popular mediation platforms like Unity® LevelPlay and MAX by AppLovin. This compatibility ensures that developers using these platforms can easily integrate Bidlogic’s monetization tools without disrupting their existing setup;
  • Comprehensive performance dashboard: after registration, developers gain access to Bidlogic’s dedicated dashboard, which displays key performance indicators (KPIs) such as eCPM levels, Daily Active Users, AD ARPDAU, and overall revenue. These insights allow developers to track their game’s performance and make informed decisions to further enhance monetization strategies.

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Bidlogic offers a powerful and comprehensive solution for mobile game developers seeking to maximize their ad revenue. By providing access to premium ad inventory and employing sophisticated revenue-optimizing algorithms, Bidlogic ensures that developers can achieve significant monetization effects without compromising the User Experience. The seamless integration process, support for major mediation platforms, and automated waterfall and bidding management further streamline the monetization journey, allowing publishers to focus on creating engaging and entertaining games. Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to the mobile gaming industry, Bidlogic’s advanced tools and dedicated support can help you navigate the complexities of mobile game monetization and achieve long-term profitability.

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