1. How does the integration process look like?

Once you send your contact details through our website, our team members will get in touch with you to review your apps, plan the integration process and give you access to our dashboards. If you have an integrated mediation system which is supported by our tool, no changes in code are required. All you have to do is link your mediation system API with our dashboards by providing the necessary keys and tokens. After that, your account manager at Bidlogic will get back to you with a list of eCPM price floors to integrate with ad networks. Once done, we are ready to launch the optimization process.

2. Which ad mediation services does Bidlogic support?

Currently, we support IronSource and MAX by Applovin.

3. Is there anything else I have to do after the optimization is launched?

After the optimization process is launched, waterfalls are created and managed by our system automatically. We may contact you from time to time to create new eCPM instances, but there’s no additional assistance needed.

4. What are the minimum requirements to start using your optimization tool?

An ad mediation platform and a few ad network SDKs should be enough. We’re aiming at apps with a minimum of 20k impressions per day (interstitials and rewarded videos), but we’re open to consider apps with lower numbers that reveal potential for growth.

5. What ad formats are supported?

Interstitials, rewarded videos and banners.

6. What is your pricing policy?

If you add optAd360 ad demand to your ad network stack, using Bidlogic is free of charge.

7. What is the relation of your optimization methods to in-app bidding?

Bidlogic’s waterfall management and bidding are complementary: our tool can optimize the waterfall below the in-app bidding ad network stack in a so-called ‘hybrid model’.

8. How can I get access to your tool?

Please fill in the form to sign up. Our team will get back to you shortly after to proceed with creating your account.

9. What optimization effects can I expect?

We aim at 10% increase in the AD ARPDAU in the top performing countries but the overall results are often much higher.

10. Where can I see my application’s performance data?

Once you register, you’ll get access to our dedicated dashboards with the most important KPIs for your app e.g. eCPM level, DAU, AD ARPDAU, Revenue.

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